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Special thanks to dogsaur.com for posting a list of  WTHeck………..!?! 15 Dog Products We Can’t Believe Exist (which by itself would warrant a posting on the blog, really, do check out the ridiculous list that they’ve compiled  because it is truly remarkable how much stuff is out there for dogs) in this list is # 10 Obey The Pure Breeds Poster, which if you look up online leads you to obeythepurebreed.com and let me tell you how hard it is not to laugh yourself into a frenzy looking at what they have done with the drawings of dogs (and cats) with some of the most iconic propaganda images ever.


Being a Golden Retriever owner, I am quite partial to anything with her face on it, here is just a taste of some of them (by the way, all the t-shirts are from cafe press, which was featured yesterday in a post about rabbit t-shirts):

This can be found as a poster, t-shirt, mug, mousepad, ect...pretty much everything that they sell...this is now my desktop background.
Same goes for this one.
golden retriever art
and this one...
I have a little trouble believing this from Cassie, but Peanut totally is trying to take over the world...

But I will say, seeing that Chihuahuas are so prominent on Melissa’s side of the family, how can I disregard them?


They even have a cat section, and wouldn’t you know, they have Maine Coons, which is what Mathew was, I’m just not liking the pics they have for them:

They only have this option for the Maine Coons...

Seeing that the world discriminates against the rabbits and don’t give you the option for them (the world is still stuck with just two choices (dogs and cats) and they haven’t fully embraced the fact that rabbits are awesome and trying to take over the world themselves. But I decided to look up some rabbit propeganda pictures and couldn’t find too many of them, but i did find this one, Fear The Bunny (also from Cafe Press):


Which is honestly awesome, and I have tried to duplicate its detailed simplicity:

( Y )

( > ’,’< )

(“) (“)

I just don’t think it’ll turn out as nicely as they have it and will probably just leave it up to e-mails and things of that nature.

I guess Cafe Press not only has cornered the market on awesome animal shirts, but they are getting a lot of free advirtisement from me!

All of this just from a few different ads on facebook. I guess if there is anything that not only facebook but also Dogsaur, Cafe Press and Obey the Purebreed! can take away from this is that I’m the jerk that does click on the ads on the sides of the page when it looks interesting. So, you’re advertising money is paying well.

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