The Top 5 Gangster/Crime Inspired Tattoos

Let me introduce you to our newest contributor Gangster Touch, they are the webmaster of the new website Gangster Touch and seeing that they are a friend not only are they posting on my blog but I am also attaching the link to their site here. Come and check it out and leave comments.  is a new blog site that covers, music, movies, sports, TV, dining, finance, relationships and more on a weekly basis. Gangster movie fans range from occasional viewers to fanatics. The body is the most sacred possession we have on this Earth and to tattoo on this temple means that the symbol embedded into it must be something you love and hold dear. thought it would be great to find the top 5 gangster/crime inspired tattoos put on ordinary movie fans from around the net. Please feel free to comment on them and if you have a tattoo / fanart  you may want to submit to our site feel free to send it to us at

5. The Sopranos Tattoo– Reflecting on the controversial final episode where Tony Soprano orders onion rings for his family including Meadow Soprano, Carmela Soprano and AJ Soprano before it fades to black leaving us all to wonder what really happened. This was the only Sopranos tattoo I could find and it makes its way to number 5.

4. Boondock Saints Tattoo– The coveted prayer from the cult classic film Boondock Saints that the Mcmanus brothers recite throughout the film is embodied by a beautifully designed Celtic Cross and the words of the prayer wrapped around.

3. Scarface Tattoo– Tony Montana is the gangster who came from nothing to become something and has a cult following because of it. This tattoo displays Al Pacino as Scarface in his leather bound logo chair with his rings highlighted. A classic screenshot preserved in the ink.

2. Goodfellas Tattoo– Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is one of the greatest films in the mafia/crime movie genre and this tattoo does Jimmy Conway (Robert Deniro) justice. With the photo realistic Jimmy Conway and the bullet holes in the background, we know this tattoo always wanted to be a gangster.

1. Godfather/Scarface/Taxi Driver Tattoo- This was by far the best gangster/crime movie tattoo we at  found on the internet. This tattoo combines the gangster films of The Godfather with Vito Corleone, Scarface with Tony Montana and Travis Bickle of Taxi Driver. This tattoo is extremely detailed, well layed out and gives justice to all these classic mob/crime movie characters.

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