Death Star Hotel?


Forget the Hotel California or the Smackdown Hotel, this one beats them all!

I know, totally random, but while looking for pics for the Star Wars 3D post from last night I found this article about a proposed Death Star Hotel being built in Baku, Azerbaijan. These middle eastern countries are all blowing away many of the cities around the world for their amazing, technological construction projects. My personal favorite city of the future is Dubai (I posted the related articles below), I see Dubai as a city of the future. But Baku just blew me away with this article:


Death Star Hotel Being Built, World Is Doomed


This structure is being built in Baku, Azerbaijan (an ex-Soviet country between Russian and Iran). Now I’m a firm believer in honesty being the best policy, so why they’re trying to construct this under the guise that it’s to be the “Full Moon” Hotel is a mystery to me. Just come out and say it already, Azerbaijan. This is not a 521-foot-tall hotel with 382 rooms on over 35 floors. This is the end of life on earth as we know it. That thing is going to blow up the damn planet. I, for one, am scared.

UPDATE: False alarm — just saw the rest of the pictures. Nothing to worry about. Turns out the damn thing is flat. No way is it large enough to house a superlaser that could destroy the planet. However it is large enough to expect a reasonably sized mini-bar in each room.

Two more from different angles after the jump.



Death Star Hotel in Azerbaijan Is No Moon [gizmodo]

Thanks to William, a man that could take on the entire Galactic Empire if he wanted, for the tip


I honestly can’t find anything on line that shows an actual image of this building. I really like the concept art. It makes sense that it isn’t a completely round building. But I would honestly like to see something current. I mean, the articles I found were all dated in early 2008 and now it is late 2010. If anyone can find anything about this building please let me know. I am totally into these “cities of the future” that have been popping up all over the place in the Middle East.


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