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In this day and age this type of thing sounds kind of scary. I remember back when I was at LHS nothing like that happened, also, I can remember while in college hearing that LHS kept getting bomb scares and things like that. What is wrong with people?

Then again, back when I was there, that was over ten years ago, might not think that ten years makes a difference, but I personally think the world has gotten a little dumber over the last decade…I’m just saying.


Stranger wandering Livingston High School forces evacuation

Published: Monday, November 01, 2010, 5:48 PM     Updated: Monday, November 01, 2010, 5:50 PM

LIVINGSTON — Authorities evacuated Livingston High School as a precaution after school this afternoon after a suspicious person was seen walking through the halls before disappearing, police said.

The evacuation got underway about 3:15 p.m. The township police department together with the Essex County Sheriff Department’s K-9 team combed the halls but did not find the man, Livingston police Capt. Jeffrey Payne said.

School staff had asked the man to get a visitor pass but did not see him either go to the office or leave. They then called police.

Police are conducting a review of surveillance video to try and determine who the man is and whether he left school grounds.

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2 thoughts on “Livingston High School in the news

  1. Greg says:


    Yeah, we had those kinds of things going on when I was in school, but usually only for actual threats did we get evacuated. People came in and out of the school all the time–even after I graduated.

    But to evacuate the whole school for one guy? That seems a bit too extreme. I think people are just too paranoid now!!

    1. Cos says:

      I get why they do it now, but I agree, it is a bit extreme. The most amount of evacuating that we did when I was in high school was the fire drill/fire pull/faulty wiring fire alarm. I don’t ever remember needing to evacuate the school like they do now. I think a lot of these people watch too much TV and think that stuff is cool.

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