William Regal Announces his Retirement


I just saw this posted on WrestlingNewsSource.com and not that I am shocked at all, I’m sad. I’ve been a fan of William Regal for a long time and I have long felt that he has been an extremely underrated and under utilized wrestler in recent years. I know that the main thought process is to push the young guys, but when you have people like Triple H and The Undertaker burying the up and coming wrestlers that should be getting the rub by beating the veterans its a shame that someone like Regal has been kicked to the curb. It is no surprise to me that he has chosen to retire from wrestling. I hope that it is true that he has signed an extended contract and that they keep him around for in a behind the scenes capacity.


I would hate for him to leave and go to TNA, I would have loved for him to have won a World Championship (even the ECW championship) once, but alas, I guess it is not meant to be. I know he is going to be around for a while and I am hoping that a feud with Daniel Bryan does happen, that would be fantastic. And really, I’ve always wanted to read his biography that came out a few years ago, I just wish he had waited until he was retired, like he will be soon, maybe he can update it and they could properly advertise that it is coming out.


Also, seeing that there were rumors that USA wanted to bring Tough Enough back, and also that Al Snow is a TNA guy, wouldn’t it be nice if William Regal took over as lead trainer for Tough Enough? Just a thought.

From WrestlingNewsSource.com:

WWE Veteran William Regal Announces His Retirement

Posted by: WrestlingNewsSource.com

WWE veteran William Regal has announced his impending retirement at a live WWE event in London, England tonight after a decade of service to the company and 27 years preforming. Regal, 42 has been a mainstay with WWE since 2000 capturing a number of major championships such as the Intercontinental title (x2), World Tag Team title (x4) and two defunct titles the WWE Hardcore (x3) and European(x4). Regal also become a King of the Ring winner upon his return in 2008 and served as the Commissioner and General Manger for WWE programming.

Regal’s career started at aged just 15 on the carnival circuit in Blackpool England. He teamed with Robbie Brookside achieving national success appearing on the highly popular ITV World of Sport. Regal’s big break come in 1992 after he was signed to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in which he spent seven years until a brief departure to WWE before returning to WCW in 1999. During his time in WCW he captured the Television championship four times. By 2000 he had left WCW and would begin his current decade long run with WWE.

Regal recently signed a 42 month contract with WWE until 2014 which suggests he will stay on with the company as a backstage official or agent. His retirement may not be effective immediate and he make complete his current storyline with Daniel Bryan. We will have more details soon.

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