“Eggs Over Easy” on IMDB



Eggs Over Easy” was a short film written and directed by Ed Cho (The Waiting Game and The Dark Path) who has Adam and I have frequently collaborated with on projects. I was an associate producer on this comedy that is described by GreenGeckoFilms as:

So what happens when a guy gets wronged by a girlfriend? He throws a huge party of course!! Join Sammy, Gerry and the other lovable party goers as they relive their party moments from the night before. From tales of people stealing toilets to harassing a passed out friend, to making sure a passed out party goer gets a good nights sleep, a bevy of stories ensue on exactly why and how this party took place. With all the fun stories being told in the morning, a bombshell is dropped by the end of breakfast that does nothing but add to these lovable characters personalities. So sit and enjoy some breakfast with Sammy and the crew…..And if I may……I recommend the “Eggs Over Easy”.

It was a great expience helping with this project and I just noticed today that it made it to IMDB.com, check it out and view the behind the scenes video, which I think I’ve posted here before, but check it out again, it’s below:

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