Colin Farrell has been officially offered ‘Total Recall’


I’m still very much on edge about the remaking of ‘Total Recall’, it has been one of my favorite movies, I can sit down and watch it whenever and still be transported back into the 80’s(/90’s) of great action movies. I don’t think kids today would get how great the action/special effects/music and everything are. They would have to have lived it in order to understand.

I’m not going to get into a walk down memory lane with this news, I’ll save that one for when the movie comes out and I’ll explain my views on things. Be sure that unless it is utter shit, I will be going to see it.

I honestly think that if they are going to remake ‘Total Recall’, Colin Farrell looks to be a great person to replace Arnold’s every day man, Quaid. I give the approval, but only as long as they don’t mess this up. I don’t mind remakes as long as they are good and can stand alone by themselves.


Colin Farrell officially offered the lead role in Columbia’s Total Recall Remake

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Strike Back below!

by: Jake Dee Nov. 12, 2010

Well folks, it’s official. Colin Farrell has been offered the lead role in Columbia’s TOTAL RECALL remake!

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a huge shock given an article we ran last month that placed Farrell in front-running position to win the role. Word was Columbia had also been eyeing Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy to update the part of Quaid made famous by Arnie The Schwarz. Not sure if Farrell won the shite outright or if the decision was part of scheduling hiccups, but whatever the case…Farrell seems to be the chosen man on Mars!

Len Wiseman (UNDERWORLD, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) will direct the flick from a script by Kurt Wimmer (SPHERE, EQUILIBRIUM). With Farrell taking the lead, it’s clear Columbia wants to modernize Paul Verhoeven 1990 version of Philip K. Dick’s short story..which I’m sure will be met with both excitement and apprehension by fans aplenty.

As for Farrell, we know he’s also stepping into another iconic role remade, that being Jerry Dandridge in Craig Gillespie‘s FRIGHT NIGHT rehash. He’s also has HORRIBLE BOSSES in post and AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS in pre-production.

But let’s open it up again. You think, if TOTAL RECALL has to be retold, that Farrell is the right man for the job? Would you have rather seen Hardy or Fassbender land the gig? If not them, then who?

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