The Miz: WWE Champion!


The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract last night to become the NEW WWE Champion. A few years ago I never, EVER, thought I’d be happy to say that, but Mike Mike Mizanin has gone from loser reality show star wanna-be wrestler to bona fide Main Eventer. I remember hating him when he first came out on Smackdown and even when he went over to ECW and started feuding over the ECW Championship, I never thought he would amount to anything in the business. I didn’t even want to soil the legacy of the ECW Championship (which unfortunately was done regardless of my objections) by giving him the belt. So, it is to my utter shock and amazement and to his credit that he has exploded over the last year and a half as future of the WWE.

The Miz has only grazed the surface of where he could go and he hasn’t even turned face yet. I can only imagine how huge things will be for him once that happens. I find ironic (but sadly, probably done on purpose) that on the same show that saw the foreseable “end” for John Cena, saw the beginning of what many in the company hope is the next big star. WWE now posts directly to youtube and so below I have the ten minute segment that shows The Miz winning the belt (I hope that he changes the look of the belt, it is so dated by this point):

Let’s just hope for Miz’s sake, he continues to be allowed to break that glass ceiling and continue on towards the top.
I can only guess this picture is in response to all of the children in the audience angry and upset at The Miz winning.

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