Cos’ Top Christmas Movies: #4 ‘Bad Santa’


Seeing that this is my list of Christmas Movies and I was trying to keep it relatively un-traditional, it should be no surprise to anyone that I went with Bad Santa. Starring Billy Bob Thornton, this 2003 dark comedy featured comedian Bernie Mac and John Ritter, in what would be his final live action film role.

#4 ‘Bad Santa’

Bad Santa follows the story of a pair of thieves who every Christmas get themselves hired by  a mall as Santa and his elf only to rob the mall on Christmas Eve. This year however Willie (Thornton) gets a little distracted with his conscience when he befriends probably the oddest little boy on the planet and finds a girl that is willing to be with him; and somehow through it all find a way to be nice.

Needless to say Thornton plays Willie as the trashiest of person to ever don the Santa costume and he makes you laugh, because you know damn well there are people who are portraying one of the biggest symbols of Christmas outside of little Baby Jesus himself that are exactly like the drunken mess that Tony Cox is.

This is one of those movies that if you don’t like this crude humor I wouldn’t recommend seeing it simply based on the fact that I am adding it to one of my Top 5 lists. I will however say this is the type of movie you want to watch with a big group of people who might chat it up while watching it. Melissa and I saw this movie shortly after it came out on DVD and we saw it, I almost want to say on Thanksgiving, with her cousins and I don’t remember laughing harder at this movie than that very first time. The quote from the little boy “Grandma, are you spry?” still makes me laugh.

I also would recommend not to see this movie censored on TV, but rather try and find it on either DVD, onDemand or Netflix streaming, it just makes for a much better film.

If a Bad Santa is not to your liking, then I will be back tomorrow with another favorite Christmas movie of mine. Leave comments, let me know what you think.

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