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In an attempt to write more reviews, I’m going to start reviewing what Melissa and I watch on Netflix and post the review on here as well. First one is Iron Man 2 (I also need to write my review of Lost the complete series. I’ll try and get to that next week).

Iron Man 2

I went into the first movie with the high expectations that were given to it from word of mouth and it did not let me down. I actually didn’t even want to see the first one, I always felt that Tony Stark and Iron Man were rip offs of Bruce Wayne and Batman; billionaire super hero. But I felt that Batman was always done better. Anyway, my expectations on the first film were exceeded.

Then came word that they have announced the second movie, and how director Jon Favreau, didn’t want to pump out a sequel right away, and was hoping that they would give him the amount of time and respect that was given to Christopher Nolan with The Dark Knight so that he could cultivate something great and amazing. But like always, dollar signs gave way to good ideas and he signed on to direct another one with an opening date two years later.

The trailers and commercials never gave anything away of the plot, all I can remember was Mickey Rourke’s character (which was never officially called Whiplash) attacking Tony Stark at a racetrack with giant electric whips and swishing them around. I couldn’t even tell how “brilliant” the character of Ivan Vanko was until I finally saw the movie; someone that could build a power source that could rival Starks, and to build a drone army.

From the beginning of its release the plot of the story was never released, and maybe that’s because it was a very lackluster story. In fact, now thinking back to it, I can’t pinpoint anything that makes it stand out. It felt like a typical sequel with no real character work.

It is no surprise to me Favreau wouldn’t want to return to this franchise.

And in an attempt not to put any more spoilers into this review, I am simply going to say that movie was not horrible, but it was extremely underwhelming.

One thought on “Netflix movie reviews: Iron Man 2

  1. Mike says:

    Agreed. Especially given how good the first one was!

    Iron Man 2 was basically a launching point for the other movies coming out in the near future – Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers. We’re going to see some of these characters, like Black Widow and Nick Fury, in other movies this summer.

    What did you think of Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard? I was concerned about it at first, but I think he did a nice job.

    And Scarlett Johansson! Whew.

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