Could Shane Black be Iron Man 3’s new director?


Shane Black, I’d like to think of him as the person who, at least at the beginning of his career, had a dream job. He got to write some great action movies and got paid extremely well and he was young. I remember reading in Entertainment Weekly when his “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” movie was coming out in the article The Vanishing (which you can read by clicking the link) which is a great read. His movies don’t have the feel of an Iron Man movie nor a Marvel movie, but I like that. I can see the third one being a grittier movie. And Black has witty style to him that fits the Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man world that I think it could possibly work.

I personally think this is a rumor, but I would love to see it come true.

From Dark Horizons:

Shane Black To Write/Direct “Iron Man 3”

By Garth Franklin Thursday February 10th 2011 02:17AM

Shane Black To Write/Direct "Iron Man 3"

Shane Black is in contention to write and direct “Iron Man 3” for Marvel Studios says Heat Vision.

The writer/director has apparently impressed Marvel executives with his take on the third installment in the blockbuster franchise, though he’s not a lock as other writers and directors are being looked at. Story details about the third entry, the first not to be directed by Jon Favreau, are being kept top secret.

Black has made a name for himself with his knack for writing strong action comedies including the “Lethal Weapon” series, “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” and “The Last Boyscout”. Black and Downey previously teamed on the well-received “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” which Black co-wrote and directed.

One thought on “Could Shane Black be Iron Man 3’s new director?

  1. Mike says:

    I still think Jon Favreau should be directing. I think he got to take his time through the first one, and it showed. They rushed him through the second movie, which wasn’t bad, but could have been better.

    Can’t help but feel this is a lot like Sam Raimi and Spider-Man 3.

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