Zack Snyder talks physical Superman


I hope what he means by this is that they are making Superman not only more relevant in a post 9/11 world but also that they are making him for a more realistic film, ala the Chris Nolan lead Batman movies.

Here’s to crossing my fingers, from

Director Zack Snyder on the Superman Movie

Source: SFX
February 10, 2011
SFX magazine talked more to Zack Snyder about directing the new Superman movie that will star Henry Cavill.

He said: “My feeling about Superman is that I’ve been a fan of the character for a long time. But the question for me was always, ‘What can you do with Superman in a modern world?’ And I think the amazing thing that Chris [Nolan] and David [Goyer] have created, that I’m working on now, and the reason why I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do that,’ was that they found that in him. They found the why in him. That’s the exciting part for me.”

He wasn’t able to say much more, but did add the following:

“I can’t really talk about that without being kind of specific… But I can say I think Superman needs to be physical.”

Superman is scheduled to hit theaters in December of 2012.

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