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By: Smark Central

Let’s face the facts.  WrestleMania XXVII was terrible.  It had some nice moments, but overall it bombed.  A lot of people like to break down the matches and the winners, but that’s been done to death.  There is a much bigger picture that highlights many of the WWE’s overall problems.

Too much depending on Rock – Up until the final RAW before WrestleMania it seemed like creative was mailing it in (yes, even more than usual).  There were so many angles and matches that could have been built up better and I think the reason they weren’t was because they were relying on the Rock to sell the show more than anything.  Did the Rock generate extra buys?  I’m sure he did, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about the rest of the show.  You can’t half ass the booking just because there’s a big name appearing on the show and if your going to depend on Rock so much he should have been used a lot more than he was.  He appeared on camera four times and two of those were in backstage segments.  If all you’re going to do is hype the Rock and ignore the rest of the card the least you could have done is use him enough to make it worth it.


Flow of the matches – This was probably my biggest problem.  I can’t believe they bring the same plodding and pacing they use every week to WrestleMania matches.  I’m sorry you just can’t do it.  I don’t mind seeing Miz pose for 2 minutes straight before hitting his finisher on RAW because I’m not paying good money for it, but on PPV in front of 70,000 people, things should move a little quicker.  I mean how long did we have to wait for the finish of the Punk-Orton match?  Did HHH really need a breather after every chair shot?  Do they think that creates more drama?  If they do, they need to wake the fuck up because it doesn’t create drama it just creates slow and painful snooze fests.  If WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year then every match should be exciting.  All the superstars should be extra pumped and show it in the ring.  You can’t have them come out and do the same stuff they do on every RAW. Punch, punch, punch, clothesline REST HOLD.  Punch a guy and look around the crowd for 25 seconds.  Does anyone besides Punk know how to do anything besides punches and rest holds?  The biggest mistake in this regard was not having a MITB match.  That match usually picks up the pace of the whole show and its absence hurt, but hey Vince needs another $50 for another piece of shit show that will be built around the two ladder matches and nothing else.

Too Many PPVS/Shows – Speaking of snooze fests, none of these matches were WrestleMania worthy.  They could have been on any other PPV or RAW or Smackdown.  Which brings me to the next problem, there are too many shows.  WrestleMania matches used to be special because you couldn’t see them anywhere but WrestleMania.  That’s no longer the case because there are 13 PPV’s a year.  Not to mention 52 RAW’s and Smackdown’s a year.  That’s 116 shows not including Mania.  I know not every match can have a “big time” feel to it, but it just seems like they talk about the importance of WrestleMania more than they actually practice it.


Overall, was it the worst WrestleMania ever?  No, there are at least 4 or 5 other ones that were worse, but that doesn’t mean WWE should be proud of themselves or that any of the true wrestling fans should be satisfied.  Great job, WWE you got the Rock back and it was great, but next year why don’t you try to put on a show worthy of the name WrestleMania.

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