Smark Central’s 2014 Professional Wrestling Wrap Up

2014 was without a doubt one of the worst years in wrestling ever and that’s not angry IWC fan boy talking. The outside World actually took notice too. Between a huge untimely death, plummeting stock prices, wrestlers quitting, getting injured, or getting fired and a mediocre new venture it was WWE’s worst year ever. 2007 was bad from an image standpoint thanks to the Benoit murder-suicide, 1995 was the worst creatively and on screen, but 2014 was overall the worst. Nothing seemed to go right for WWE this past year, but here are a few of the brighter spots.

Seriously. Try it.

Smark Central’s (not so) Bold NFL Predictions 2014

Here we are again. The pre-season is over, the rosters cuts have been made, the fantasy teams have been drafted and now finally in tomorrow night the 2014 NFL season begins. That means it's time for me to bust out the mushy prognosticator that's conveniently crammed into my skull. My predictions from last year went about as well as this past Super Bowl did for the Denver Broncos. It wasn't what you'd call pretty. Yes, I did correctly predict the aforementioned Broncos to make the big game, but other than that…not a solid year of picks. However, redemption is upon me and I vow live up to my lofty reputation.

Fan Theory – The Hangover

Like many, I am a huge fan of the Hangover movies. Even though the sequels were basically retreads of the first, they still had some funny and outrageous moments that made them enjoyable overall. I was recently replaying the events of the first movie in my head and something kept bugging me. There was a small part towards the end that made me scratch my head. Why was Jeffery Tambor’s character (Sid Garner) so calm about his car being wrecked?

Punk is Gone

It was inevitable. Just as it was three years ago. CM Punk had one foot out the door. His contract was up in July and he was creatively frustrated and mentally and physically burnt out. The only difference then was he was handed a microphone and changed the WWE depth chart with a truth laced diatribe. However, change was temporary and three years later he found himself right back where he was before the pipebomb and his astounding 434 day WWE title reign. On Monday, he decided it was time to go home.

What's a Raider ?

Smark Central’s (not so) Bold NFL Predictions

I am back again for year three of my totally unfounded, not researched, non-factual, totally by the gut NFL predictions. Hey, it worked out pretty well last year. I correctly predicted the two super bowl teams. I got the winner wrong, but hey it’s all about getting to the dance right? Who cares that I picked the wrong fat girl to bring? I got there, got hammered, got a sloppy blow job in the limo and that’s what matters damn it! Fuck all that reading and shit. “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat”