How I would have booked WM 27

How I would have booked WM 27

By: Smark Central

Rock Vs Cena pt. 1– Yes, I know Vince wants it in Miami w/Rock probably going into the HOF the night before, but no one said you couldn’t have them fight twice.  Whats so crazy about Rock winning the 1st match and then Cena getting the ultimate victory in the Rock’s home town?  I see the fans getting 2 great matches, I see the current star getting over, I see a proper goodbye to a legend.  Where is the issue in doing that?  Not to mention Cena had no business being in the title match.  He doesn’t need the title to be over anymore and he seemed almost bored w/the whole concept.  This is a match that no one would bitch about seeing twice.  I just can’t figure out what held them back from doing it this year.  I guess the idea of building it for a year is intriguing but they have to keep the interest going for a whole year and that’s going to be tough to do especially with Rock coming and going because of movie obligations.

Alt: None

WWE Title Match – Miz Vs Morrison

Why they felt this wasn’t a money match I don’t know.  Morrison had all the momentum in the World after he beat Sheamus at TLC only to have him lose to Miz ON RAW.  Not the Rumble, not Elimination Chamber, but RAW.  When are they going to get serious about pushing this guy?  Yes, his mic skills are lacking I get that, but the fans were finally getting behind him.  Having him lose on RAW only makes sense if you have him win the Rumble which would have been awesome.  After he lost on RAW, you should have him say something like “Miz, I came this close and lost and while that’s frustrating, I’m not going to settle for close.  I’m going to enter the Royal rumble, win it and take the WWE title from you at WrestleMania”.  BAM.  Match sold, PPV sold.  It doesn’t take a creative genius or a big shot Hollywood writer to do this stuff.  Del Rio did not need to win the Rumble.  Especially if they were going to job him out in the opener in less than 10 minutes.

Alt: Miz Vs Daniel Bryan.  They have the history, they’ve had great matches, why not?

Undertaker Vs Wade Barrett – Wait, wait, wait hear me out.  I’m not talking about being everyone’s bitch, not so leader/leader of the Corrrrre Wade Barrett.  I’m talking kicking ass and making John Cena cry Wade Barrett.  That was the guy with enough momentum to be a legit threat to Taker’s streak, but once again Super Cena had to prevail and kill Barrett’s push dead.  I love how Nexus took out Taker and no one even mentioned it again.  These are the kind of things that could never happen in the attitude era because if WWE slipped up on a major angle like that WCW would be all over it and come up w/something great and we could be having a whole other conversation right now.

Alt: Taker Vs HHH w/HBK as the ref

World Heavyweight Championship – Edge Vs Del Rio Vs Christian – The fact that Christian was left out to dry was complete BS and probably still a product of Vince’s dislike for him more than anything.  Yes, he only came back 6 weeks before Mania, but hey Snooki got a match and she was a one shot deal.  It just irritates me when Vince can be so against someone the fans love.

Alt: Edge Vs Christian (I know, only in our dreams)

6 Man MITB Match (Kofi, Ziggler, Bourne, Morrison, Cody, Rey) – I was actually for the MITB PPV only because it’s the one PPV that makes the titles seem important, but WM certainly lacked any fast paced action that this match had in spades.  I didn’t think it would matter, but the card took a major hit without this match.  It would also have been nice if they did the original six man version if only for the sake of realism.  It was very annoying and logically broken to have 2 guys in the ring and 6 or 8 others sprawled about ringside.  If there’s 2 or 3 guys in the ring and 3 outside, you could see that, but w/8 or 10 man matches the overselling becomes too much.  There’s no way that many guys can be hurt that badly at the same time.

Alt: Pick 6 guys

U.S. Title Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan – Probably just another F.U. to the internet from Vince, but let’s just say for arguments sake that time really was an issue.  They couldn’t cut that retarded 8 man tag?  Or maybe cut some time from Taker’s carcass being carted off?  Or God Forbid cut the Cole-Lawler match in half?  Unbelievable that they looked at the card and said THIS was the first match to go.  Fucking unreal especially when you consider that great match they had on RAW when Sheamus won the belt.

Alt: Sheamus Vs Kofi – I.C./U.S. unification match

Jack Swagger, Cole Vs Lawler & any mid-card face (Big Show, Kane, Bourne, etc)

This feud between Lawler and Cole was so unnecessary, but the least they could have done was spare us the sight of Cole attempting to wrestle by himself.  The involvement of Swagger and some other superstar would have been infinitely better than what they put out?  Seriously?  A DQ win for Cole after 10 agonizing minutes?  They couldn’t just have Jerry win and let this angle die already?

Alt: Almost anything else.

WWE Tag Team Titles – Gabriel/Slater Vs Koslov/Santino Vs Big Show/Kane – Again not too hard.  So what Jackson would be left off the card?  The Corre lost in 90 seconds anyway.  Wouldn’t this have been a much better substitute for that piece of crap match?  Plus, a title gets defended.  Hey how about that, a title defense at the biggest PPV of the year.  Whoda thunk it?  This is probably the worst development to hiring Hollywood writers is they have completely de-emphasized the importance of the belts.  Even the WWE title has at times been pushed to the background in recent years.

Alt: Add a legends team and make it a 4 way

Orton Vs Punk – Probably the only thing I would change about this match would have been the outcome.  Orton is basically the new Cena.  He never fucking loses.  I think he has lost two or three matches since he became a face last year.  One of those was MITB, one was to Miz when he dropped the belt, and the third was losing to Miz at the Rumble.  Other than those, I can’t remember him losing ANY major one on one matches.  That’s absurd.  It was a good match, but the outcome was painfully predictable.  It’s also amazing to me how a guy like Punk is doing the job every time.  I guess he takes a good beating, but still it’s ridiculous.

Alt: Nexus Vs Orton, and 4 other guys

That’s it.  Not a major overhaul, just a few things that could have made an ok show, an amazing show.  Now I promise I am done bashing WrestleMania XXVII.  I made it my bitch and now that bitch is lying there sore, but anxious for some more like a good bitch does.  Oh well, there’s already WrestleMania XXVIII which I’m sure they’ll fuck up somehow.  Too bad they already have my money for that one.  I can’t help it.  Cena Vs Rock should be epic, but that’s a topic for another time.  Peace out, bitches.


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