Dexter: And why he should have been caught by now


UGO has a good list of why Dexter, whose season six starts up on October 2nd, should have been caught by now. Check it out:

Dexter: Reasons He Should Have Been Caught By Now

By Kevin Fitzpatrick1 hour ago

Dexter‘s sixth season arrives on Showtime October 2nd this year with fans darkly dreaming over all the latest tidbits, from the trailer debuted at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con panel to Edward James frakkin’ Olmos joining the cast as a new religious-themed baddie.

Not only that, but Dexter inching ever closer each season to being discovered has thoughts racing in all our minds whether Season 6 will finally see our favorite serial killer’s deeds brought to light for all to see! Deb nearly walked right in on Dexter and Lumen cleaning up after Jordan Chase in Season 5, a sure sign of things to come and a dark discovery ahead.

But with family and friends alike closing in on Dexter, how many more seasons can we have before the he finds himself behind bars? And for that matter, what mistakes has he already made that may ultimately contribute to his downfall? Could Dexter really have remained free all this time, carrying on his dark duties right under the noses of the Miami Metro PD?

You trusted readers certainly wouldn’t get any bright ideas from learning how to avoid Dexter’s missteps, but we’ve got a heaping helping of mistakes and murder no-no’s that should have put dear Dexter away a long time ago!  Find any other glaring errors we may have missed, or perhaps you’d like to act as Dexter’s dark defender and tell us we’re wrong?

Check out the rest of the article at: UGO

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