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Evan sent me a text last night rejoicing about Die Hard 5, which I’ve known about for some time now (Die Hard 5 gets a director?, Die Hard & Scary Movie 5 news and Die Hard to the fifth power? ) but I did not know that DH5 was in need of a director. Last I check, it had one, though I was thoroghly displeased with their choice, with Noam Murro. I still don’t even know who that is! But apparently he’s left the project to work on the 300 sequel/prequel, (whatever) 300: Battle of Artimisia. Good! I’m glad he’s no longer attached to this. They need to find a better director. I know that Fast and Furious and Fast Five director Justin Lin had been linked, but declined, to direct Die Hard 5. I wish he was attached. I think this needs a good fresh name to breath some extra lives in it for good ole John McClane.


Here is the article that Evan sent me from MSNBC:

Yippie-ki-yay, a new ‘Die Hard ‘ is on the way

By Mark Blankenship

TODAY.com contributor

updated 8/16/2011 5:53:18 PM ET

Warning: Lots of spoilers for the “Die Hard” series ahead, plus some adult language in the video clips.

20th Century Fox is seeking a director for “Die Hard 5,” which will send supercop John McClane (Bruce Willis) to Russia. Since this film is still in its early stages, we’d like to remind the filmmakers of the following “Die Hard” rules.

John McClane should be superhuman, but not a cartoon
We need John McClane to be likable and cool — a Bruce Willis specialty — but we also need him to be slightly superhuman, like MacGyver with a hint of Wolverine. It’s fun to watch one man topple an entire crime network. It lets us imagine that if we were angry ENOUGH, then we could do it, too.

But sometimes, McClane can be too amazing. In “Live Free or Die Hard,” when he drives a police car off a ramp and crashes it into a flying helicopter, he’s a silly action cartoon.

To read the rest of it go to: MSNBC

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