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Entertainment RANDOMNESS:


Week of August 15th–19th, 2011


Ridley Scott, famed director of the original Alien and Blade Runner series (who is currently working on the prequel to Alien) seems to have ignite a fire within him to continue on with more movie sequels/prequels of his earlier works. Word going around is that Scott has all ready signed on to do another film within the world of the 1982, Harrison Ford starring vehicle, Blade Runner. No word on whether this will be a sequel or a prequel or if he would even reach out to Ford for his participation…

Superman reboot “Man of Steel”, being directed by Zack Snyder seems to have had some of its story synopsis revealed this week. I didn’t want to read it, but I just couldn’t help myself and it seems like this Superman is going to based more in the real world. To read the spoiler filled synopsis go to Dark Horizons


Milla Jovavich went on her Twitter account this week and expressed much excitement for the fact that the fifth Resident Evil movie (Resident Evil: Retribution) will have a huge action scene taking place in Red Square. Most of the film will be shot in either Toronto and Tokyo…

Ron Howard and Gore Verbinski have both had projects that have seemingly crashed within the last few months to the last week (Howard’s take on Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series and Verbinski’s “The Lone Ranger” which would have starred Johnny Depp) respectively. Both of the projects were put on indefinite holds due to budgets and word going around is that both projects are re-writing their scripts to bring those ballooning budgets down. My take on all of this is that Howard will eventually loose interest in the project as he has other films coming up and Verbinski will end up directing “The Lone Ranger” simply because Disney, who is fitting the bill on the movie, has a soft spot for Depp. Only time will tell. Both projects aren’t dead yet, but we shall see which ones if any get made…

Bradley Cooper has dropped out of “The Crow” remake. No love loss there. I never saw him playing the character. Shockingly enough, I think I might be the only person in the world that never liked “The Crow”. I’m not into really dark movies and dark tones. I’ve expressed it before and I’ll stick to it, I want to go to see a movie and get lost in a different world and not get reminded about what is out there. Anyway, seems like Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg are being sought after as replacements. I don’t see either of them in the role either…

American Pie sequel, American Reunion, had a teaser poster posted earlier this week, which you can view below. Go to Coming Soon to read more about the plot…


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