QUICK Review: The Box


QUICK Reviews are the same as NEW Reviews, but much quicker and can include older movies that were not watched the same year that they were released. When I don’t have much to say about a movie, bad or good, I’ll write a quick review. Might be one paragraph or it might be three.

Also, there may or may not be any spoiler below, but you have been forewarned!

QUICK Review

“The Box” (2009)


“The Box” is about a couple, played by Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, in the 1970’s that are offered a literal box with a button on it. They have a choice, they can either push the button and earn $1,000,000 (that’s a million for anyone confused) cash or walk away, leaving with nothing. If I had a choice, between wasting my time watching this movie or leaving it in the Netflix envelope and sending it back, I would have gone with sending it back.

Directed by Richard Kelly known best for his cult hit “Donnie Darko” (which I have actually never seen, something about that bunny rabbit that unnerves me. Even before Peanut came into our lives. I wish I could say Richard Kelly has had a slew of great films to his credit, but aside from the cult hit of “Darko” he also made “Southland Tales” which was a long and boring story that you needed to read more about it on multiple media platforms in order to understand the true meaning of what was trying to be done. An expensive experiment to say the least.

I think the worse thing, aside from the bad acting my Diaz, is the story. I was completely confused as to many different aspects of this movie. I felt as if Kelly, who also wrote the script, was throwing as much as he could at the audience to confuse them into not knowing what or who the people were that were apart of the cause of everything. There wasn’t a big enough reason for anything. It was just completely bizarre. And I for one did not like the movie one bit. If there is one thing I’d like to leave you with is the knowledge that we didn’t have before sitting down to watch this movie. Don’t waste your time. Read a book.

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