Entertainment RANDOMNESS


Entertainment RANDOMNESS:


And here we return with a week in review of the top entertainment headlines…not even an earthquake and the impending doom of a category 2 hurricane can keep this post from coming up…and here we go!

Week of August 22nd–26th, 2011


Seems like Superman will be going at it without his famous red underwear in Zack Snyder’s “The Man of Steel”. I have to say, about damn time! I never understood why superheroes always had underwear on…Batman got rid of his back in the 80’s with Tim Burton’s Batman. Only thing I have to say is that the suit looks a little odd, like something is missing… What are your thoughts?…


Universal Pictures has decided to drop the Michael Bay produced and to be directed by McG adaptation of a board game “Ouija”. This coming off of their recent decision to drop “Clue” as well. Guess they saw what “Battleship” looks like and figured board games are not amusement park rides. Might I recommend them hiring Jerry Bruckheimer? He seems to have some experience with adapting stupid things into blockbuster money makers…

Luc Besson, writer, producer, director best known for “The Fifth Element” and “The Professional” is back this weekend with “Colombiana” but did you know he was also behind the surprise action hit, “Taken” starring Liam Nesson. Word going around interviews this week is that Taken 2 starts shooting in October and everyone is back on board. I know I’m excited about that!…


WWE Films has another movie coming out, “Inside Out”, starring Triple H. A much more dramatic tone than his previous comedy clunker, though the trailer starts off exactly the same way as “The Chaperone” did with Triple H’s character getting out of jail and meeting with his friends and daughter. Don’t know if I’ll watch it, I think the last WWE film that I actually watched was John Cena’s 12 Rounds, and that one was simply because it was directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) and nothing could save that sorry script…nothing…check out the “Inside Out” trailer on Youtube

The never ending slew of remakes continues, news this week is that “Romancing the Stone” is the next in line to be remade. This classic 80’s movie is rumored to have both Katherin Heigl and Gerald Butler up for the two main roles, originally played by Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas….

Dan Aykroyd was on The Dennis Miller Show the other day and dropped some hints at the potential Ghostbusters 3 movie, where we would get an entire new team of Ghostbusters. I for one hope they do make a third movie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve been waiting for GH3 since I saw the second one come out in the theaters back in 1989…


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