Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


And for the next week!

Pierre. Melissa former parrot. Her parents are going to be away for the weekend and we get stuck with this loud mouth, barely feathered creature. If he has feathers, they’ll probably be gone by the time this week is over.  He cat calls when you are changing in front of him, WHO TAUGHT HIM THAT! He says “Hello” and he says things so fast it even sounds like he is cursing at you.

Not looking forward to this week, but as Alfred said to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight: “Endure, Master Wayne.” I will try…

Here is a drawing I once drew of Pierre that I found while searching for pics of him (these two pics above and the video below are from February of 2006) that I scanned years ago.

Maybe one day we’ll have chicken soup or something…I’m just kidding…

More to come with updates…I will be picking him up a little later today.


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