New Trailers out this week!


I’ve been trying to post about trailers, but they always drop on different days, it isn’t like DVDs, books, music or video games (which aside from Star Wars and Transformers) that usually come out on Tuesdays; trailers pop up throughout the week.

Week of September 26th–30th, 2011

So, in an attempt to make my Fridays even more hectic with Entertainment RANDOMNESS and Out this Week (In Theaters) I’m going to attempt to add a New Trailer weekly post.
I won’t be commenting on the trailers or even giving you the story of each one, I’ll simply be posting the trailers with their titles. I’ll leave the story synapses for when the movie actually comes out in theaters.
And so, for the final time today, here we go:


John Dies at the End




The Human Centipede 2: [Full Sequence]




New Year’s Eve




Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close




Paranormal Activity 3








The Thing



What are you thoughts so far simply based on these trailers?

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