Blood Spatter Review: A Review of Dexter Season 6 Episode 6

Like movie reviews, these episode reviews of Dexter will be SPOILER FILLED, reader you have been warned!



Blood Spatter Review

A Review of Dexter Season 6 Episode 6

By Mother Brain
I’m taking over where Cos left off in reviewing my current favorite show on television, Dexter. I too agree with him from his earlier review of the Season 6 opener that the series was taking a turn for the better after the emotional tone of Season 5. The series has returned to the roots of its earlier episodes while taking some interesting and often startling turns.

To sum up the last 4 episodes following the premiere (Review can be read here: Blood Spatter Review: A Review of Dexter Season 6 Episode 1) and before this past Sunday’s episode, Dexter is on the trail of Professor Gellar and Travis Marshall, a pair of religious nuts known as the ‘Doomsday Killers’ who capture and kill “sinners” only to put them on display for the public to see by leaving signs of the Apocalypse. At the same time, Dexter has been intrigued by convicted killer-turned-born-again christian Brother Sam who indirectly shows him that the light of God can overcome inner darkness. We also have Debra’s promotion to lieutenant following a bar shooting which affects her working relationship with Batista and completely strains her relationship with the even more reckless Det. Quinn. Even Vince Masuka gets a little action when his flirtation with his intern Ryan takes an odd turn when she steals evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case to auction off online and gets the boot.

Now 6 episodes in, we see a strain in the relationship between the professor and Travis as the latter begins to grow a conscience, causing him to let go of their next potential victim who the professor believes is the whore of Babylon. Questions have been raised recently as to whether or not the professor is really a figment of Travis’ mind much like Harry Morgan is for Dexter. While it’s true we don’t see the professor interact with many living characters, it’s also too obvious of a twist for this show. But in any case, I really like the complex nature of their relationship and look forward to seeing what sort of repercussions will result from Travis’ change of heart.

Cos also mentioned in his earlier review how Dexter was becoming more and more sloppy with his killing methods. One thing that’s beginning to stand out for me is Deb’s growing suspicions about her brother’s odd ways. Although there’s plenty of emphasis on her power struggle with the recently promoted LaGuerta as well as her personal and professional conflicts with both Batista and Quinn, I feel like something interesting is beginning to bubble to the surface with her suspicious feelings towards Dexter’s friendship with Brother Sam. In case you’re not keeping track, Deb knows her brother was the sibling of the Ice Truck Killer, dated a crazy woman who kidnapped and nearly killed Rita’s kids, befriended Miguel Prado only to end up dead, found Rita dead by the Trinity Killer’s hands, and had a fascination for Jordan Chase. Deb has to be connecting the dots in her head at this point in the series because it’s the only way the dynamic between her and Dexter can evolve past this season.

But without question the heaviest and most bizarre moment of the episode was the eventual shooting death of Brother Sam and the twist that it results in for Dexter. I must say that I’ve always been an admirer of Mos Def (or Mos or Yassin Bey?) for years and I absolutely love him in this role. It pained me to see him depart the way he did and how he tried to make Dexter forgive his shooter (a drugged up garage employee named Nick) and once again tried to make him believe he had light within his Dark Passenger. This almost echoes the end of Season 4 when Dexter believed he could let go of it so he can live a normal life with Rita and the kids. But just when Dexter confronts Sam’s killer to pass on his message, the story takes a twisted turn with Nick’s joy of Sam’s death which leads Dexter to let the Dark Passenger get the best of him….

…and hence the shocking return of the Ice Truck Killer himself, Brian Moser. No he’s not back from the dead but he’s now back as the devil conscience of Dexter which is the direct opposite of Harry. I’m sure this is already receiving a mixed response from fans. For me, however, it makes a lot of sense because it gives Dexter even more of an inner conflict within himself and it brings to light Brother Sam’s own struggle with his demons. This will definitely escalate into the next shocking episode where Dexter’s past returns again in the form of the Trinity Killer’s family.

On one final note, I also note my own suspicions surrounding Masuka’s new intern and the new Miami detective Mike Anderson. The intern seems to have a strange fascination for Dexter which I wonder will pay off later in the season. Det. Anderson on the other hand I do not foresee as another James Doakes (yet). But would his sympathy for Deb in her promotion struggle lead to a potential love triangle between them and Quinn?
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