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I know, I know, it has been three weeks since the last time one of these was posted; I hate to use the excuse of “I’ve been busy” but I wouldn’t be lying!

A huge shout out to Mother Brain who sends me rumors every week!

I almost considered making Entertainment RANDOMNESS a “daily” post, just posting the stuff from that given day…but if I can’t even keep up with one post a week how will I keep up with one that is daily?

Anyway, enough talking, here are the rumors!

‘Where’s Waldo’ is getting a big screen adaptation…now that everyone has calmed themselves down I just have one question, what is this going to be about? They will obviously have to give Waldo a backstory (maybe someone like Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell could play the main character) and maybe everyone is looking for him and the character of Waldo is simply a cameo or something…I don’t know I’ve given myself a headache just trying to think about it…

Source: MSNBC

Speaking of odd choices for movies, word going around is that Warner Bros. has greenlit a Lego movie that will be both live action and animated…I won’t even try to come up with something for this one…

Source: Coming Soon

Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy (director and star (respectively) of last week’s #2 movie ‘Tower Heist’ have both left next year’s Oscar ceremony; due to some controversial words from Ratner. Not to fear, the Academy had a back-up plan with Billy Crystal; the (now) 9-time Oscar host (and my personal all-time favorite Oscar host). I for one might just watch simply to see Crystal at his best.

Earlier today Cinema Blend had some great videos of Billy Crystal at the Oscars, check them out.

Source: Cinema Blend

M. Night Shyamalan is directing another film, this time it is starring Will and Jaden Smith and it is a sci-fi movie entitled: ‘One Thousand A.E.’. I for one was a huge fan of Shyamalan until his ‘Lady in the Water’ movie (I even read the book that was written about Shyamalan (The Man Who Heard Voices: Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale by: Michael Bamberger). I’ve always been on the fence about Shyamalan’s ‘The Village’, I was never a big fan of its, but I loved the concept. I just felt it was missing something. ‘One Thousand A.E.’ sounds interesting and I have no problem hoping that Shyamalan gives it his all.

To read more about it go to: Dark Horizons


Wrestling RANDOMESS:

John Cena FINALLY retired his jorts, and instead now has camo jeans…I don’t think that was much of an upgrade…also he got rid of his colorful shirts and has a black shirt now…two things The Rock made fun of back before Wrestlemania. Wonder what The Rock will make fun of now…

Source: Wrestle Zone

A few weeks ago, WWE.com had a blurb about bringing back the Hardcore Championship. Probably won’t happen, but I will say I would buy a three disc WWE DVD highlighting the Hardcore Championship. Especially if they use most of the early matches (from Mankind to The Big Boss Man to Road Dog to Hardcore Holly) those were the best of the bunch.

Source: Wrestle Zone

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