NBC Overhauling its Line-Up for Mid-Season


‘Community’, ‘Whitney’ and ‘Prime Suspect’ are among the few shows either moving or being put on hold for mid-season on NBC.

While I gave the show ‘Whitney’ a chance, mostly because Whitney Cummings, the stand-up comedian, frequents The Howard Stern Show and he’s a big fan, but it just ended up feeling dated with the live audience and multiple camera set-up. I don’t know how many shows still use the live audience with their laughing included in the audio or simply a laugh track; but something just doesn’t seem right anymore with that addition. ‘Whitney’ is not going off the air, but swapping times with the Christina Applegate comedy ‘Up All Night’; I wish they would replay the first couple of episodes of the show because I always forgot it was on.

‘Community’ is the one I am most upset about. I’ve been a big fan of the show since it debuted three season ago. While the two follow up seasons were never as strong or enjoyable as the first season; we’ve constantly returned to ‘Community’ for some good laughs. I hope they don’t cancel the show, I still really enjoy the episodes and they mostly make me laugh. This past season they’ve been getting away from the community college that the Ensemble cast  that includes E!’s The Soup’s Joel McHale, comedy legend Chevy Chase and The Hangover’s (1 and 2) Ken Jeong; among some other great comedic actors. I for one have never missed an episode and I hope they don’t give up on this show.

As for ‘Prime Suspect’, they haven’t officially canceled the show, but everyone on cast and crew has been told that the show has been put on hold. I feel bad for Maria Bello, who is a pretty good actress and has been in multiple , but I will send her a recommendation: get onto a show on one of the pay channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc…); those shows tend to last for multiple seasons, unlike the fickle network shows that tend to drop about 50–75% of their new shows due to lack of viewers.

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