Merry Christmas: Photoshopped 2!


Well, after dusting off those pictures of Peanut and Mathew looking at the Alien Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise, I figured I might as well continue the legacy with Chloe’s pictures.

So, again, here is the original:


And here is the Xenomorph…also known as the Alien:

Aside from a little bit of tweaking with the light, I think this picture works and I think people get the joke. I just felt as if this thing need more drool than that one little strand that seems to be coming from that furthest back tooth…so, I did this:

I really wanted this thing to have it’s mouth overflowing with drool. So much so the lower teeth can’t contain it and it just flows in between it’s teeth. But, I thought something was missing. In the Alien film series, it is widely known that the Xenomorphs have a smaller mouth inside of their mouth (essentially their tongues) and I wanted to pay homage to that with the following picture:

Again, aside from lighting, I think this image is pretty effective. Also, don’t feel too bad for Peanut, he isn’t getting eaten by the Alien, he is the Alien’s mouth. And aside from the drool flowing off of the top of his head, there isnt’ anything wrong with this picture…
Let me know your thoughts!

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