Merry Christmas: Photoshopped!


Seeing Chloe’s reaction to Santa Claus gave me an idea…seeing that I’ve been going to some classes for Website Design, one of which utilized Photoshop, I decided to play around and see what I could do:

Here is the original cropped image of Chloe, not really liking Santa that much…

One of the things that I learned in class was how to choose a different color and changing a specific item in the picture (namely clothes or clothe) so I picked the green part of Chloe’s collar in the picture. I figured I might as well use a light purple (like in the seat behind Santa and the kids):

Which you can compare with this shot of the Chloe original and Chloe with purple:

Also, one of the things I tried to do is give Chloe two open eyes:

Which I also made a comparison shot too:

And ultimately, I decided to so how far I could take the change of color of a fabric, or in this case fur, and just literally play around. Also, not the greatest of photoshopped pictures, but it is more highlighting the fact that even when you change the color, it retains the texture of whatever it is you want changed. Like Chloe’s face:

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