‘Looper’ trailer


‘Looper’ Trailer

This movie is a new one to me, I’ve always, ALWAYS, been a huge fan of time travel (the ‘Back to the Future’ series along with the ‘Terminator’ series have always been favorites of mine) and I’ve been on some time travel kick recently; ‘Looper’ wasn’t even on my radar.

Starring Bruce Willis and Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, this movie looks as if it has potential. Especially with the concept, I just need to see more before I can commit to it.

Check out the trailer, let me know what you think:

Possible SPOILERS from here on:

To me, this movie feels like a lot of Sci-Fi movies that have been coming out recently. Why do movies feel the need to have slow-motion in action scenes? This is a high concept, with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt both playing the same character just years apart but it just screams, at least to me, like an ‘Inception’ style movie.

Maybe I’m just asking more from my time travel movies, but honestly, should I complain? There haven’t been that many time travel movies recently that I really care about. Maybe I should hold out some hope that this one is good…

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