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Last night I had the pleasure of going to the FDU Senior Thesis Film Night for the first time since my Thesis Night back in 2004; and honestly, a lot has changed in those few years since then (by my count a few being eight years, so maybe a more than just a few).

For starters, the thesis films were being played at the Clearview Headquarters 10
Morristown, NJ as opposed to the theater in Dreyfus as they did for us in May of ’04.

I had worked an evening with the independent film company !ROBOT HAND!, which was started by another student from the year after me by the name of Brian Lonano.

Brian’s brother, Kevin, who is finishing up his tenure as a film student at FDU shot his film ‘Blue Sheep Suite’ which is a:

BLUE SHEEP SUIT is a new !ROBOT HAND! Horror Picture set in the 1980s during the Presidential Campaigns. But we need your help, your love, and your support to make the picture.

As the ‘Blue Sheep Suitefacebook page states, and I have to say, it was pretty good. I wanted to see more. I feel as if I just had a taste of a teaser to a larger movie and would love to see the rest of it.

As for the rest of the films, I’ll leave my comments to myself, most were pretty good as well. I’ll be very politically correct about it and say I won’t comment good or bad on anything I did not work on; especially on senior thesis films.

I do this for two reasons, one, I wouldn’t want someone to completely bash my thesis film, eight years later I still think it is a pretty good film (one I will shamelessly plug a Vimeo link to below so those who didn’t see it can view it) and two, to heavily criticize a senior thesis film is like driving behind a student driver who is sixteen, seventeen or eighteen years old and holding down the horn until they pull over, it just isn’t right!

Anyway, nostalgia kicked in and I knew I had my senior thesis film up on Vimeo so I decided to attach it here. Let me know what you think. For all its faults, I think we did a bang up job with this movie.


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