‘Mortal Kombat’ 20th Anniversary Retrospective from GameSpot


Source: GameSpot

I love ‘Mortal Kombat’, as in currently, and always have (probably always will). I was never into ‘Street Fighter’ and always felt like MK was a far superior game; I prefered the stories (both story modes and storylines) and just thought that the game lent itself to many different aspects of story telling. To me, the story always has to be there, it is one of the main reasons why I’ve been a fan of wrestling, sure a good match is always the icing on the cake, but the story has to be compelling to keep my interest. I never cared for ‘Street Fighter’ or any other fighting game really. They never stood up to ‘Mortal Kombat’, in my opinion.

I personally can’t believe that it has in fact been 20 years since the original one came out. Below is a link to a video from GameSpot that is a 20th Anniversary Retrospective where the filmmakers of this particular documentary found those individuals (cast and creators) of the video game and interviewed them.

 Click the picture below to view the video:

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