Ato’s Summer Movie List 2012

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Well, better late then never.  And Here We Go…


Do I really need to explain myself?  After seeing the awesomeness of The Dark Knight back in 2008.  I think this just speaks for itself, why this would be number 1 of the summer.



Yeap, I went from DC to Marvel.  Finally seeing this cluster of superheroes together after five movies.  How can you not want to see this?  Plus Joss Whedon direction.  It’s a no brainier.

Now, I’ve already scene this movie and I must say it 100% deserved it’s grossing and it I did live up to it’s hype.  I can’t believe it took 5 movies to get here but finally it’s here.  My question is DC, where are you?  Bring on the Justice League.



Now why MIB3 since MIB2 sucked a bunch of dicks and raped us for our money?  Simple reason.  It actually looks good.  It looks like it can have a good story.  Plus, time travel.  Personally, I love a good time travel story.  Look at the Back to the Future trilogy, Star Trek 4, Terminator.  Fish out of water stories are fun to watch.  Hopefully bring us to a point where we can say “MIB2?  When was there a MIB2?”



Most of you reading this are probably going what movie is this.  I never heard of it.  You might not because it’s an independent French film coming out on a limited release.  It is an animation about a cat who is a simple household cat during the day and a “cat-burglar” by night.  The animation looks pretty cool; it’s in 2-D.  Yeap, that’s right, no 3-d here Pixar.  But what I’m curious is how it got over looked this past year at the academy awards for best feature length animated film.

5.  ?????????

I’m not sure as my top 5 what this last one would be.  I can say the remake Spiderman, but it’s a remake after only a few years.  Granted the Hulk remake was awesome, but I wasn’t crazy about seeing that originally either.  Will I see the new spider man, yes, but as for a top 5 this summer no.  I can say Total Recall.  But again, it’s a remake and I don’t remember much of the first one.  As for Prometheus, It is Ridley Scott, so that is awesome, but it a prequel to Alien.  I loved the original but I’m not the biggest of Alien fans either.  The G.I. Joe sequal, I don’t know.  I’d be fun to see Bruce Willis and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson be together on screen, however I still haven’t scent he first one.  And the same goes for Expendables 2, I still need to see the first one.

The Dictator, looks funny, but I was very disappointed in Borat and the horrible movie called Bruno that I’m actually kinda turned off from see this movie in theaters, and I can wait until DVD to see this one.  Now, I’m actually have interest in Ted, it looks like a very funny concept, but it also looks like Peter Griffin finally able to curse on the big screen.  Will I see it, Yes cause it does look funny, but I can also wait until DVD.  So this makes for a bad number 5.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a close maybe for number 5.  It looks fun and kinda original idea.  What if he really was a Vampire Hunter???  Hmmmmm.  Now if it was zombies, then I’ll go see it in a heart beat.

For me personally I think my number 5 might have to be ‘To Rome with Love’.

To Rome With Love

I love Woody Allen and Midnight in Paris was amazing.  Now I don’t care for Owen Willson, and the characters he usually plays, but in that movie I thought his character was great and fun to watch and I actually cared for him.  And Woody Allen movies have their own taste on comedy and that’s what makes each one special.  It’s too bad this movie is only having a limited release but I can’t wait to see it.

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