Ed Helms to star in “Naked Gun” remake?


Source: Coming Soon

Not happy at all about this. What is going on with all of these remakes this week?

I’m actually far more unhappy about the Terminator reboot than this one, but this one also hits  a sore spot. Why Ed Helms?

ed-helmsNot that I don’t like Ed Helms, I didn’t mind him in “The Hangover trilogy” nor did I mind him in “The Office”. But taking over the Leslie Nelson role in “The Naked Gun”? Not sure if I’m ok with this.

Reminds me of the fact that he was also rumored to be in the “National Lampoon: Vacation” remake that was planned to be a remake/sequel as Helms would play grown up son Rusty as he would take his family on a summer trip. Chevy Chase would be back as, the now, Grand father, of the Griswold family. Which I didn’t mind that casting. At least they were respecting the previous installments and making it a sequel of sorts while starting over (like Star Trek).

But Ed Helms as Frank Drebin? I feel like the actor should be a little older. Maybe even like a Chevy Chase or something along those lines. Someone that you could believe to be as absent minded as Leslie Nelson’s portrayal of the character.

What do you think? Are you happy with this decision? Comment below and let me know.


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