“22 Jump Street” trailer


While it looks to be more of the same from the first movie, “22 Jump Street” looks like it could be a funny sequel. I just hope they don’t settle with the constant reminders of the first one that tend to bog down a lot of comedy sequels (see most recently the second two Hangover movies, or the Meet the Parents/Focker movies or even The American Pie sequels).

One of the hardest things to make a sequel to is a comedy, comedy is very difficult to get right once and usually the sequels tend to be very subpar to the original relying mostly on the same tired jokes that made the originals.

I really enjoyed the first “21 Jump Street” after not even being remotely excited about it since it was a comedy based on an 80’s drama series. But I was pleasantly surprised about the movie. I’m hoping to be surprised about this sequel as well.

One thought on ““22 Jump Street” trailer

  1. Andrew says:

    I took my grandparents to see the first one. Let me just say…. Worst idea ever. i think my grandma was permanently traumatized.

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