Is Jennifer Lawrence real anymore?


I just wanted to say I’m actually a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. I think she is a great actress that seems very down to earth and isn’t in need of all of the Hollywood spot light and glamor that seems to go to most young actor’s heads these days. And she’s also really pretty. So this post isn’t to knock her at all.

jennifer-lawrence-660This is more going along the lines of the continued criticism from myself along with a lot of the public over the use of Photoshop.

I’m not one to discredit Photoshop, I have it on my computer and I’ve used it a lot in my professional career along with person fun, but when is enough enough?

This article also goes along with a post I put up on November 1 about the model that was completely photoshopped (which you can view here: Is anything real anymore?) that showed the length that people go to to alter something that was perfectly fine to begin with just to appeal to a bigger audience.

Now they are going to alter Jennifer Lawrence, not only a pretty, young actress in her own right, but they are also completely messing with natural beauty here.

BuzzFeed had these gifs up on their site:


Notice the changes and alterations made?

Here, take a closer look:

anigif_original-grid-image-5675-1387060624-6I’m a bit outraged right now. What was honestly wrong with the original images and if they (as in those with the power to change these images) can change these images, what is stopping them from changing everything and what have they changed?

Am I alone in feeling this way?

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