Weird Things Dogs Do

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Saw this and thought it would be a great addition to the blog.


For example:

10. Wagging Their Tails
Dogs, like cats, communicate with their tails. Most people believe that a wagging tail means a happy dog, but the position of his tail is the real indicator of his mood. When your pooch holds his tail low and curves it into a “U” shape with a slow wag, he’s relaxed and content – “all is well.” However, if your pup’s tail is high and arched over his back, he is either fascinated or annoyed and a growl may be the only way to tell the difference. Interestingly, when a dog is home alone, his tail will rarely wag, since no members of his pack are around to communicate with. With no one nearby to see his furry flag, he keeps his feelings to himself.

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