Quick Raw Review 2/3/14


If you’ve ever wondered if you should watch Raw!

Here is Raw in a nutshell.

With spoilers!

You’ve been warned!

From Chosen 1:

Yeah, my guess is Bryan gets screwed at elimination chamber somehow. And faces HHH at mania with a title shot on the line for Bryan. Ugh…

There were some awkward moments. Cena had his eye poked this weekend by Orton at a house show and I saw a pic of it swelled shut.


We had divas dance off with Emma and summer Rae .

Some great mic skills by AJ during a match between “the sexy baked potato” Naomi and Aksana. No lie, AJ called her a sexy baked potato!

A botched ending to a cage match.

An awkward Miz moment during a zack ryder and Titus oriel squash match.

Just a bad raw all around one again Bryan was the highlight…. If you have a little time it’s OK to watch, but don’t clear your schedule for it…

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