Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

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Melissa sent me this article from Yahoo! last week and I know this happening all too well.

Especially from Cassie. She knows the words “Cassie, do you want to…”

Cassie Head Tilt

I don’t even have to finish the statement, her head is already tilted to the side trying to figure out what fun thing we might be doing next (part of me feels that “do you” might be the only two words she actually needs to hear before she gets excited.

Anyway, Yahoo! had the article up about reasons why dogs might tilt their heads, one of the examples is this:

They’re trying to understand us 

According to Steven R. Lindsay’s “Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training,” when a dog listens to your voice, he’s trying to identify familiar words or tones that he associates with a reward, such as going on a walk or receiving a treat.

The muscles of a dog’s middle ear are controlled by a part of the brain that’s also responsible for facial expressions and head movements, so when a canine tilts his head, he’s trying to perceive what you’re saying, as well as communicate to you that he’s listening.

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