Ways to use your phone camera

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I pretty much use my camera to take endless amounts of photos, which if you follow me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you haven’t been inundated with the amount that I actually take on a daily basis! And I post a lot! But that’s honestly just a fraction of the amount of stuff I take a picture of!

I take pics of things that I want to remember, that I think were interesting or funny or just anything that stands out to me. For example:

Complete accident, I was holding my phone too close to this leather on my desk at work and I thought it looked cool…took a picture…
Beer I really enjoyed, took a picture of it to try and remember it for another time…probably never see this picture again…
Saw this van while stuck in traffic with a “Reagan for President” bumper sticker in window. Thought that was interesting…took another picture…

I’ve taken so many pictures with my phone I think I’m going to have to get an external hard drive to hold them all. I love taking pictures, perhaps its just a fear of loosing things and I just keep these digital memories of what they are. I don’t know.

Anyway, BuzzFeed has a great article on some clever ways to use your phone camera, more productive and helpful than I use it for!


To read the rest of the article go to: BuzzFeed

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