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Like many, I am a huge fan of the Hangover movies. Even though the sequels were basically retreads of the first, they still had some funny and outrageous moments that made them enjoyable overall. I was recently replaying the events of the first movie in my head and something kept bugging me. There was a small part towards the end that made me scratch my head. Why was Jeffery Tambor’s character (Sid Garner) so calm about his car being wrecked?


Well there are two possible outcomes. The first and more likely/boring is

– He just didn’t see it.

Considering the guys got back late and they were in such a rush to start the wedding it’s conceivable he didn’t have time to check on the status of his automobile. He probably assumed everything was ok. I mean if Doug couldn’t take care of a car that Sid wouldn’t even let his own son (Alan) touch then Doug probably is a total fuck up and shouldn’t be marrying his daughter (Tracy). It probably was the furthest thing from his mind at that moment. Then again that car was like a child to him so you would think he might have taken a quick peak which leaves me to think…

– He did see it and was cool with it because…Vegas

Is that Keanu Reeves?
Is that Keanu Reeves?

Sid seemed like a cool guy who would be an awesome father or father-in-law. He seemed very laid back and nothing seemed to rattle him except for Alan (SPOILER: The same Alan who caused him the keel over in the 3rd film). The real hint to this theory lies when Sid brings Tracy down the aisle to Doug. When he shakes Doug’s hand Doug apologizes for being late to which Jeff replies “Don’t worry about it…Vegas”. This is a subtle, but very meaningful line because it basically excuses them for being absolute morons throughout the film. It could also give them an out for destroying the car. It’s possible he checked out the car, saw it and just shrugged his shoulders and said “meh…Vegas”. It’s unrealistic that someone could be THAT laid back, but it’s possible. This whole sequence could also be an indication that Sid’s been down a similar road which could (please God I hope Warner Bros isn’t reading) lead to a Hangover prequel starring Sid as a young man.

I guess it really doesn’t matter in the end since it didn’t affect the quality of the movie, but I figured with such emphasis being put on the car throughout the film we would get some kind of reaction from its owner by the end. When I first saw the movie, I thought we’d get that Home Alone screaming at the main character from a distance moment from Sid. Instead we got the awesome photo montage of the bachelor party which was a way better idea.

Personally, I have to believe that he saw it. I know the wedding was going on and there’s a lot of craziness, but by the end of the movie with the wedding winding down I have to think he checked on the car. If that’s the case and there was no blow up reaction scene, it indicates to me that Sid is one of the coolest dad’s ever in a movie.

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