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Good ole Yahoo! with all the information that I’m looking at for Apple Watches. I think yesterday, as in months past, I’ve been done on the concept of a SmartWatch. Like I said yesterday, do I really want to look like James Bond (yes, yes I do, but I don’t need a watch to act like that) or from the future? But one online writer stated that this isn’t “your everyday timepiece” and I love that term, “timepiece” its the difference between simply a “Watch” and it ends up being an amazing piece of art that you wear on your wrist.

Apple Watches


Anyway, my interest has definitely peaked. I’ve heard of these SmartWatches in the past and I’ve verbally stated to friends that they are just stupid, but maybe, just maybe there is something here. Within a day of Apple announcing the Apple Watch I’ve opened my mind to the possibility of it.

So, we shall see.

Check out the rest of the information that was taken away from Apple’s presentation yesterday at: Yahoo!

Apple Watch

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