Apple Watch, new Macbook and other announcements

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Source: USA Today

Apple’s announcement is pretty much exactly what it was said to be and perhaps a little more. While it is pretty crazy to think that they unveiled a Macbook that is only 2 pounds, I’m not really interested in that.

I’m also not interested in the fact that the Apple TV is now $69, only because I have one and it was a present…

Apple Watches
Strangely enough this one says the name “Marcos” on it (to be fair I believe it is a last name) but that wasn’t why I picked it…

I am, however, highly interested in the Apple Watch. I mentioned it a few months back in September when the Apple Watch was first announced (Apple Watch? and Additional Apple Watch information) were coming out and it didn’t really click until I saw someone with one of the other Smart Watches. What did it for me was the fact that their phone rang and instead of looking at it they glanced at their watch saw who it was and declined the call.

I can safely say that declining phone calls is the least of my excitement. Since the advent of SmartPhones I have noticed that people stand, sit, eat, watch tv, sleep with the phones firmly glued to their hands. I feel as if have a Smart Watch allows people to not always rely on their phones. In fact, for the most part, they could use their Watches to see if they had calls, emails, text messages, etc. And only if they need the phone do they have to take it out of their pocket or wherever they are keeping their phones these days.

Apple Watch

I really want one of these Apple Watches and would love for one of them to be given to me for my first Father’s Day in June, when our baby is due.

Hint hint…

Check out the full article about everything that was announced today by Apple at: USA Today

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