Sega’s Worst Decision of the 90’s


Source: Yahoo! Games

I was a huge Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo fan back in the early 90’s. Those were my video game consoles. Well it looks as if the Executive that was in charge of Sega at the time stated this week that they felt the worst decision that Sega made was not getting into a partnership with Sony.

At the time, Sega and Nintendo were in a bitter rivalry at the time and Sony wanted to get into the video game industry, badly. Sony first went to Nintendo who declined and shortly there after, the board at Sega also declined a similar offer from Sony. Sony then decided to try there hand at it themselves and the Playstation was born.


Now a few years later, Sony is still going strong with the Playstation 4 and Sega is simply a video game publisher, no longer are they making consoles.

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