‘Parks and Recreation’ Farewell


Last night was the series finale to NBC’s comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’. I’m saddened to see this series go but happy that they were able to go out on a high note. Aside from the rough first season, this series got better and better as every season moved on and has been on a hot streak. Every season seemed to make this series even funnier than the last and we just kept watching.

Parks_and_recreation_titleOriginally intended to be a spin-off of sorts from ‘The Office’ with the camera’s recording the characters as if it were a documentary this series came in to its own nicely and the series finale that it was allowed to have seems rare in this day and age. A lot of series on network TV tend to live longer than they should, take for example ‘The Office’. The series continued on past Steve Carrell’s (Michael Scott’s) departure and even if the series had bowed out around the same season as when Michael Scott left it was still dealing with the downward spiral of not being that funny. However, ‘Parks and Rec’ was still going strong and I for one am happy about that. Better to leave on top than not.

The series finale reminded me of a funny version of HBO’s ‘Six Feet Under’ series finale that showed where all the characters would be in the future. I thought this was a great way to end the series for all the characters that we all grew to love over the seven seasons and 125 episodes that ‘Parks and Rec’ was able to amass.

Great send off and I for one am saddened that the ride is over and will miss this series.

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