Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN Sequel to be Ripley’s Proper Ending

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Neill Blomkamp’s ALIEN Sequel to be Ripley’s Proper Ending

by Mother Brain

Since the release of Neill Blomkamp’s artwork for a dream ALIEN sequel followed by the announcement of the project becoming a reality, every fan of the series has one too many questions. Will it continue where ALIEN: RESURRECTION left off? How will Corporal Hicks come back from the dead? How will this affect future PROMETHEUS films? Now Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver are talking.

While making the press junket rounds for Blomkamp’s upcoming film CHAPPIE, Blomkamp and Weaver spoke with Sky Movies about their plans to not only give Ellen Ripley “A proper ending” but also hinted at the possibility of ignoring ALIEN 3 and ALIEN: RESURRECTION all together. It’s a well known fact that this franchise jumped the shark with killing Ripley in the third film only to bring her back as a half-breed clone with sharp basketball skills in the fourth. Eliminating the continuity of those film will be much similar to Bryan Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS which attempted to ignore two lackluster sequels in order to be a solid third entry to a beloved franchise. We all know how much of a failed experiment that was.

Though Blomkamp is an incredibly talented filmmaker, one has to question if his unique vision to save the franchise can withstand the studio interference from Fox that nearly killed the careers of David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I for one remain very optimistic about this project and believe he will exceed expectations.


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