10 Years of Cos’ Blog

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What started as simply personal blog on March 25, 2005 by me just putting my thoughts down into a web log (that’s where the term blog came from) I created Cos’ Blog while I was still at FDU. With the help of my resident, Mike (I was an RA for 3 years) I was able to create this blog. Originally on Live Journal and originally called Socram’s Blog (Socram is my name (Marcos) spelled backwards) it was changed to Cos’ Blog in an attempt to make the blog sound better (Socram can sound so disgusting if you look at it wrong…)

I went for years posting to the site, my own thoughts, review, pictures, events, pets, movie and wrestling rumors and critiques. Anything that made me think or think twice I posted. Some days I posted upward of 10 posts and some days early no at all. Its been the last few years that I’ve been posting every day (or trying to at least, thank god for being able to post back to days and to schedule for postings.


Not only did I start posting daily a few years ago but I took on a small group of contributors and it was around this time that I started considering the blog more of a website.

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It might still be called Cos’ Blog, but it has become so much more of an entertainment website and I am so very thankful to have these guys adding to the website. Huge thank you to Mother Brain, Smark Central, Ato, Justice, Chosen 1 and to anyone else that has helped to contribute to the blog over the years.

Cos Blog TwitterThese guys have provided me with some great articles, reviews, biographies, videos, podcasts, you name it, they’ve tried it and this site wouldn’t be the same without it. I can’t even call it just my site, its ours, its a community of people. The blog is growing, we have a Twitter (which essentially just posts whatever articles are posted, but I would like it to be so much more-if WWE had better shows we would all be live tweeting from there) we just recently got a Facebook page that we post even more content to and as of today we have 105 followers.

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Also, a huge thank you and a shout out to my resident Mike for helping me over the years with everything on this site. Probably wouldn’t still have this blog up and running if it wasn’t for you. And a huge thank you and shout out to Pete who has been helping me over the years, dealing with my questions about WordPress and other aspects of the blog. Thank you both for everything!

To think I thought that this site would have only lasted a few days or weeks before I got bored and its stuck with me for 10 years. It has seen some great things come and go, it has chronicled my life for the last 10 years and I’m hoping to be able to put additional things on here as I keep going. I’m proud of it and how it is always evolving into something new and I hope all of you continue to grow with us!

Thank you for reading!

Marcos Cosme

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