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Just went on Amazon real quick and there was an open letter to everyone from Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos about their new product, the Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo LetterI was curious, since I hadn’t heard of this and it looks like a free standing speaker.

You click on the “Amazon Echo” link and you go to the page and watch the 2 minute trailer for the product and it looks as if Amazon is now in the Digital Assistant game along with Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Amazon EchoEcho looks as if it is a free standing speaker that connects to wifi and answers whatever questions you have from news, history, weather, it even reminds you of things on your schedule and can even stream music from Pandora among a slew of other things.

I will say this, before I jump on the Amazon Echo bandwagon, I’d like to see what Apple (my main smart phone provider) might be able to offer in terms of a similar product. Nothing against Amazon Echo, but aside from rarely purchasing products from them I don’t have any necessity to have this product. Also, I have Siri and Google Voice that do the job just fine on my phone.

One of the factors for purchasing something like this would be the speakers to stream music, since that is amazing. Not sure if it is worth the current price of $179, but I’d be willing to hear what other people have to say.

What are your thoughts?

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