Gmail adds “Unsend” button

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Source: CNET

I love Google, their products never cease to amaze me. I gushed a few weeks ago about the Google Photos app on iOS and recently I found out that this app that I found last year called World Lens (that allows you to look at signs and text in another language and in real time translates it for you right in front of you) was bought by Google and added to their Google Translate app.

gmailNow it seems as if they have added an Unsend button, this option doesn’t just appear, you do have to activate it and you can follow the link above to CNET to review the process.

Once you send the email you are given a few seconds to make the option to Undo the sent email:

Undo Email GmailI will say from what I observed briefly while testing this out, I believe the seconds that you are given to click the necessary “Undo” button is there because the emails aren’t sent out right away. You are given between 5-30 seconds, you can choose the distance, before the email cannot be sent out. Once it is sent out, the email cannot be returned or removed.

Check it out!

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