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Source: Washington Post

Google is again in the news today, this time with Google Play Music Radio.

google playI’ve been enjoying Google Play for quite some time, namely the music section. Google Play allows you to listen to your music, watch your movies, tv, read your books and play your games from Google. Google Play Music originally allowed you to upload 20,000 of your own songs to Google at no cost and you can listen to them anywhere. They upped the amount of songs to 50,000.

While at work, I tend to listen to film scores, regular songs tend to be too distracting with lyrics and all that, and I have a decent library of film scores to choose from that I access from my Google Play Music account (which is the same as your Google/Gmail/whatever else you have from Google user name). Today, I went on there and saw the following question:

Google Play Music RadioI made a Scooby Doo style grunt and clicked on the Focusing (No Lyrics) and was surprised to find that Google now has a Radio option on Google Play Music. Now you can stream music free from Google just like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Radio and the soon to launch Apple Music.

The Washington Post had a great article about all the ins and outs of Google Play Music Radio and spoke about the option you saw above in deciding what type of music you would like to listen to:

The new radio service bears strong similarities to Songza, a streaming music service that Google bought last July. Songza’s claim to fame was that it allowed users to choose stations based on mood. So if you wanted a party night playlist, you could find a station called “Party Night.”

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think.

Well done, Google, well done.


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