Random thoughts on the current world

As of yesterday, I’ve been working from home for a month! Melissa is also here working from home.

Thankfully my parents have been watching Miles and Aubrey; which allows Melissa and I time to actually get work done.

I try not to post about current events on here unless they are related to movies, tv, wrestling. But this is top of mind (obviously).

Today there was a survey sent out at work asking how everyone is doing during this time.

They asked how our feelings were and there were two options that I thought of myself: “Accepting” and “Content”

I opted for Content.

I try very hard to be the positive person in the room. Even when there is all this doubt. Doesn’t always happen. But if there is that one person that is putting out positivity then maybe, just maybe, that light will shine over onto someone else.

Perhaps someone else may see a different side of the story.

At the end there was a box to add any comments, feelings or suggestions and I added the follow:

  • Ignore the news, it just brings you down. Be aware of what is going on, but, don’t live by the news.
  • Find something that makes you laugh.
  • When you don’t know what to do, take a minute and go in a room by yourself a breath. Empty your thoughts and just breath. Breathing is like rebooting your brain and helps you think.
  • This isn’t the “new normal”, thinking that way brought me down a few weeks ago. It’s just for now, (however long “now” is) we will get through this, one day we will be back to how things were.

Wanted to share that out into the world.

Be well to yourselves and stay safe.

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