‘The Little Mermaid’ collectible golden book from Circuit City

While doing some cleaning in the attic we found a ‘The Little Mermaid’ book. One of those small children’s golden books that you can find on sale anywhere.

I assumed it was Melissa’s and she assumed it was mine.

Today, Aubrey just picked it up and I noticed on the back there is a Circuit City logo on it.

Realized I must have gotten it when I bought the DVD for it years ago. But how long ago was that?

After a moment of Googling I saw that the book was an exclusive deal through Circuit City and there was the following explanation on the website I found this information on.

Source: dvdtalk

The Little Mermaid >>>> No Price Listed ****

My guess on prices would be $16.99 ~~~~ Speedy1961

****Circuit City exclusive free Little Mermaid Collectible Golden Book with purchase of Little Mermaid DVD // While supplies last // Minimum 25 per store

According to the dvdtalk post, this purchase must have happened between October 1-7, 2006.

Pretty sure I bought this from the Livingston location.

So, thank you to the now defunct and gone electronic store. Because of you Aubrey now enjoys a small book.

Circuit City, gone but not forgotten.

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